Over the recent decade, Digital Humanities has constituted a powerful new movement, creating new forms of scholarship and allowing for new methods and forms of publication in the humanities. In general terms, Digital Humanities can be defined as the use of computing technologies to bring new technological methods to address traditional questions in the humanities. Humanities disciplines study human artifacts and interpret what they mean for our culture. The library has been the crucial resource for this work, providing access to the written record as well as a place of contemplation and inquiry for engaging it. Digital Humanities does not replace this model so much as add rich new possibilities for the study of these same kinds of interpretive questions.

The Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities, first offered Spring 2015, requires 15 s.h. of coursework. These courses build on the infrastructure and success of the Public Humanities in a Digital World initiative. It also connects to campus resources, including the Digital Studio for Public Arts and Humanities (The Studio), and the library’s unit for Digital Research and Publishing (DRP) for the Capstone class.

All graduate students in good standing with their departments will be eligible to pursue the certificate. For more information please contact katie-mccullough@uiowa.edu