SLIS offers students Practicum and Internship opportunities and cooperates with University of Iowa Libraries for mentoring from staff librarians.  


Practicums focus on the practical application of theory and helps students gain experience in LIS work. Students enroll in the SLIS Practicum class, receive academic credit, and work with a faculty member to identify opportunities for working in libraries and other organizations. Students set professional and personal goals, complete 120 hours of work, and participate in classroom conversations. Students must complete the Proposal for Practicum in Libraries and Information Centers form two weeks before the beginning of the semester. For more information, contact Kara Logsden


Generally, SLIS does not give credit for internships. Internships are developed and managed by the host institutions outside of the University. Internship opportunities are often advertised by professional organizations and can be found on the ALA Job List, and I Need a Library Job, as well as other job placement websites, such as Indeed.  


Our mentoring mechanism is currently undergoing revision. Stay tuned for updates!

Independent Study

Independent studies are intended to provide students with specific knowledge or skills compatible with their career plan and professional development goals through study when extenuating circumstances make it impossible for students to pursue these with other University offerings. Independent studies typically result in the development of a scholarly deliverable (conference paper, publication, poster, etc.). Independent studies cannot be used to correct plan of study changes made without advisor or program review. Approval of Independent Studies are rare and are not guaranteed as a program of study option.

To complete an Independent Study, students must first identify a faculty member to work with, complete the Proposal for Independent Study and General Statement of Requirements form, submit the form to the SLIS Director, and receive approval for their program of learning. Once approved, the student enrolls in the Independent Study class, working closely with their Study advisor, and develops a scholarly deliverable to receive academic credit. For more information, students should contact their faculty advisor.