Welcome to the School of Library and Information Science at The University of Iowa! On our page, you will find everything you need to know about our school and interesting information about the field of Library and Information Science. We have been a department for over 50 years and are continuing to grow and evolve with the ever-changing needs of libraries and other repositories of artifacts and knowledge.

The School of Library and Information Science offers a graduate-level program of professional and academic preparation for careers in libraries and information centers. Our program is accredited by the American Library Association. In concert with the mission of The University of Iowa (UI), the School seeks excellence in its education of future library and information professionals, its contribution to the knowledge base of library and information science, and its service to the School's local, regional, national and international constituencies.

Library and information professionals serve the needs of their own constituencies—children and teachers, members of academic communities, employees of profit and nonprofit organizations, and the public at large—ranging from information poor to information rich. They work in the contexts of issues such as information and communication technology, public and private information policy, managerial policy, and regional, national, and international economics.