The joint MA/Certificate (BLIS Program) prepares students for careers in Special Collections librarianship while training them in the production and legacy of the book as a physical artifact.

The double credential BLIS program requires 51 semester hours of coursework. Students must take the following for the certificate:

  • At least 27 hours of SLIS courses
  • 15 hours of book arts, studies, and technologies courses*
  • The remaining 9 hours may be taken in either SLIS or the UICB, or from another unit (provided these remaining credit hours meet the approval of SLIS or UICB advisors).

* The 15 hours within the Center are to be divided as follows: one course (three credits) within our studio-based classes, one course (three credits) within scholarly inquiry offerings and our material analysis area. The final courses (nine credits) are electives within the UICB area of the student’s choosing.

As a SLIS Student, you MUST also apply for this certificate program through the UI Center for the Book