Digital humanities is field that seeks to apply digital methods to the study of humanities topics. This is a broad field that includes many job titles and specializations, but librarians in this field often work at academic libraries. Many academic libraries now have digital humanities studios where librarians will collaborate with researchers to develop projects such as digital exhibits, interactive maps, and data visualization. Education in digital humanities librarianship can also lead to careers in archives and museums in roles that involve outreach, archiving born-digital materials, and digitizing physical materials. This field offers career opportunities for individuals with strong tech skills and an interest in collaborating with teams to finish special projects.

Students interested in Digital Humanities Librarianship can take focus area courses as electives.

Some suggested courses for this area of study

SLIS:6335 Metadata Theories and Applications
SLIS:6330 Archives: Theory and Practice
SLIS:6150 Information Behavior
SLIS:6490 Information Policy and Ethics
SLIS:6145 Digital Preservation and Stewardship
SLIS:6250 Beginning Cataloging and Classification
SLIS:6590 DH Capstone
SLIS:7290 DH Theory & Practice