Public libraries provide their communities with free access to information and a variety of resources. Public librarians need to develop skills in analyzing the communities they serve, designing comprehensive marketing plans to meet their needs, implementing the plans in a cost-effective way, and evaluating the success of their efforts. Professionals in public libraries may work in many different positions, including roles in outreach, collection development, reference, cataloging, and youth services. No matter their job title, all public librarians need to have strong communication skills and be able to work with diverse populations. This career path is a strong choice for individuals with an interest in fostering community connections and providing direct services to the public.

Some suggested courses for this area of study

SLIS:5042 Public Libraries
SLIS:6130 Community Engagement
SLIS:6335 Metadata Theories and Applications
SLIS:6490 Information Policy and Ethics
SLIS:5200 Innovation and Technology Methodologies
SLIS:5220 Resources for Children
SLIS:5230 Resources for Young Adults
SLIS:5600 Reading Culture: History and Research in Print and Digital Media
SLIS:6250 Beginning Cataloging and Classification