Public libraries provide informational, educational, and recreational materials and a wide range of services for a diverse clientele. Although public libraries receive the bulk of their funding from local taxes, they also may be organized on a regional or statewide cooperative basis. The variety of uses, services, materials, and organizational structures of public libraries makes this a challenging area of librarianship. Public librarians need to develop skills in analyzing the communities they serve, designing comprehensive marketing plans to meet their needs, implementing the plans in a cost-effective way, and evaluating the success of their efforts.

Some suggested courses for this area of study

SLIS:5042 Public Libraries
SLIS:6130 Community Engagement
SLIS:6335 Metadata Theories and Applications
SLIS:6490 Information Policy and Ethics
SLIS:5200 Innovation and Technology Methodologies
SLIS:5220 Resources for Children
SLIS:5230 Resources for Young Adults
SLIS:5600 Reading Culture: History and Research in Print and Digital Media
SLIS:6250 Beginning Cataloging and Classification