Yes you can, but you are limited to one in person course a semester.

Yes, you certainly can. You will just need to register for the online section of the course you want. Every one of our courses is available both in-person and online.

If you are from out of state, the only way to be considered an Iowa resident  for tuition purposes is by having a graduate assistantship through SLIS or another department. Obtaining Iowa Residency for tuition purposes is tricky, for the best information, please to go the Registrar's page on residency.

Nope! If you are not a SLIS student, but you are a UI student, email Katie McCullough and she will assist you in enrolling in SLIS courses as a non-major.

If you are interested in taking SLIS courses and you are NOT a UI student, we can help! If you have a bachelor's degree, you can apply to take SLIS courses as a non-degree seeking student.

Please note, there are limits to how many courses you can take a semester and, should you decide to join our program, there are limits to how many credits will transfer in.

The short answer is not, SLIS does not offer internships for credit. If you are interested in an internship, we suggest you speak with your advisor and let them know and they might be able to help you find an internship, but we do not give credit for them.

We do have a practicum course that you can take. For information on the practicum, please email Kara Logsden.

Per our grading policy, you must get a B- or better in your SLIS core courses, or a C+ or better in your SLIS electives. If you do not meet these requirements in the core courses, you must re-take the courses. Your GPA will reflect the average of both times you have taken the courses. For electives, you can either re-take the course or choose a different elective.

Here is some more information on academic probation in the Graduate College.

If you are worried about your grades in your courses and need help and options, please reach out to Katie McCullough.

An incomplete is when you are unable to finish your coursework due to extenuating life circumstances and, rather than a letter grade, you are given an incomplete. Reach out to your professor if you think this might be an option for you.

When you get an incomplete, you must finish your missing coursework by the end of the following semester or your incomplete will become an letter grade of "F".