The Certificate in Special Collections  Librarianship is designed to prepare students for work in special collections, archives, manuscript repositories, and other organizations that preserve primary source materials. Interested students may complete the certificate to have this specialization reflected on their transcript. The certificate may be completed by any student currently enrolled in the MA in Library and Information Science and earned alongside the UICB Book Studies certificate and other joint degrees and certificates.

The 15 s.h. Certificate in Special Collections Librarianship includes 3 credits of required coursework that introduces students to the core theories supporting Special Collections and Archives. One course from each of four core areas within special collections make up the remaining 12 s.h. for the certificate.

Traditional incoming students start the Certificate in Special Collections Librarianship in the Spring of their first year. U2G students may only take Certificate courses during their second "Graduate" year. Information on how to enroll will be emailed for students. Interested students must complete the Certificate in Special Collections Librarianship form. For more information, please contact Colleen Theisen.